Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Game Informer-MadWorld Review

Another 9 for what has turned out to be a real hit for the Wii(though, some would argue they knew it would be this good all along).

One interesting thing to note about this review is that they mention the commentators as being hilarious and funny, but not over the top(such as repeating themselves). This has been one of the big complaints for most of the other reviews, but perhaps it's just not something quite worth mentioning?

MadWorld runs the gamut in violence, taking an encyclopedic approach to its variety in kills. Some of the bloodletting will make you squirm uncomfortably. Do we really need to learn how many times a person can be impaled on the same spike before drawing a last breath? Can a chainsaw cut through bone that quickly? While these moments recall memories of Manhunt, other deaths fall more into the Itchy & Scratchy universe of absurdity. Place a victim on a catapult, and they’ll launch to the moon. Why play golf with tiny white balls, when you can use a human skull instead? This variety in tone leads to a grandly sinister experience that keeps you guessing what’s coming next.

-Game Informer

Read the full review here.

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