Monday, April 6, 2009

EDGE- MadWorld Review

A little late to the party, but still a review nontheless from EDGE today.

This review is actually quite controversial because it gives MadWorld the lowest score it has recieved thus far, a 6/10.


Limited moves causing it to become repetitive fast.
Random mini Wii-remote aided cut scenes for 10 seconds on finishers.
Very occasionally there’s slowdown.


Some interesting things to dock the game for, personally I thought that there were enough moves and combinations of moves to keep the game relatively fresh, and the finishers were cool enough to warrant the cutscenes for me as well. Matter of preferences I guess.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kombo- MadWorld Review

Another outstanding review for MadWorld, Kombo reviews it with an 8.5.

All this senseless violence is even more senseless unless it's fun to perform. MadWorld is all about fun. Whether it be found in the gameplay, announcers, mini-games, or just the overall experience, you'll find yourself having a great time with MadWorld. Walking around with a bat infused with nails and batting enemies away is a game in itself. You can always find newer and more creative ways to kill someone. The point meter and combo meter will keep you trying new methods of killing until you reach the highest score possible. The game is very open and accessible to your own unique play style.

Read the rest of the review here.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

GameFAQs-Top 10 Cell Shaded Games

I hadn't noticed this before today, but I found it a rather interesting list(especially since MadWorld was listed).

Here is the MadWorld snippet, you can read the rest of the article in the link provided.

#3 MadWorld(Wii)
At the time this was wrote Madworld was yet to be released, but it certainly looks amazing. It’s like somebody at PlatinumGames said: “Hey, you know what does the Wii need? A Sin City look-a-like game” And so they made Madworld. The story about a man named Jack that’s taken into the sick game of Death Watch is told with, probably, the most violent cell shaded contrast ever made for a game. Pure white and deep black stages and characters, with the red colour of blood splattered all over the place and the yellow onomatopoeic letters of “CRASH!” and “KABOOM!” as the only notes of colour. Unique, funny, and over the top, Madworld takes the concept of cell shaded art to new heights, and demonstrates that it’s the best graphic style for the Wii, without making it kid friendly.


Read the rest of the Top 10 here.

MadWorld-Death Watch Promos

Here's the compilation of all of the Death Watch trailers from Gametrailers, pretty funny commentary in these, so it's definetly worth the watch.

Death Watch Episode 1:

Death Watch Episode 2:

Death Watch Episode 3:

Death Watch Episode 4:

Death Watch Bloopers:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gametrailers-MadWorld Review

Very well put together review(as they always seem to be, personally I prefer video to text, so perhaps that's why I always love Gametrailers reviews) from Gametrailers, that basically sums up all the flaws every other review mentioned.

MadWorld Review:

For those extremely lazy people who can't bother to wait for the review to load, it got a 8.5/10.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gamespot-MadWorld Review

It should come as no shock to the videogame site faithful(the ones who really pay attention to the reviews, you know who you are) that Gamespot has given another review that is slightly lower then the average review scores.

Gamespot reviewed MadWorld today, giving it a 7.5/10 citing the following issues:

  • Eye-catching, black and white visual design

  • Hysterically obscene running commentary

  • Violent combat is satisfying and intense.

  • Losing your last life to a boss means replaying the entire level

  • Frustrating camera and control issues

  • Lasts only around five hours.


Read the full review here.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

1Up-MadWorld Review

I don't know if it's even worth saying this anymore(I mean, you just kinda assume right?), but MadWorld has gotten yet another favorable review, and this time from 1Up.

After spending several hours making my way through the mostly monochromatic (blood excluded) streets of MadWorld, I must say that the gamble certainly paid off.


This review comes from a reviewer who was at first skeptical of MadWorld, but then after playing it found that he really enjoyed it.

The game recieved an A-(which is like a 9/10 right?), you can read the full review here.