Monday, March 9, 2009

Eurogamer-MadWorld Review

The first non-favorable(and by that I mean less then 8, but still VERY good) review for MadWorld has hit, and it comes at the hands of Eurogamer.

Still, as a piece of violent spectacle MadWorld is unrivalled. The creativity of PlatinumGames in providing ever more unlikely and delicious ways to kill and maim Jack's antagonists boggles and delights the mind at some deep, base level. And so, no matter how much the schoolboy-humour commentary grates, no matter how repetitive the bits in between the set-pieces start to feel and no matter how frustrating the later levels become, MadWorld provides a rush of blood to the head almost as often as it provides a rush of blood to the pavement.


Eurogamer finished off with a 7/10, not bad, but odviously not on par with what other review outlets have been giving it.

Read the full review here.

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