Saturday, February 28, 2009

MadWorld Poster Campaign

Very cool poster that takes a shot at a certain fitness game in the process(you take a guess as to which).

MadWorld Poster:

Platinum Games Studio Tour

A fun little video here, that takes you through a tour of the development studio behind MadWorld.

Platinum Games Studio Tour:

Friday, February 27, 2009

M! Games Magazine-First MadWorld Review

The first review is here, and (so far) MadWorld is living up to the hype.
Here is a quick summary of the review(as it is a magazine, so I have nothing to link to).

81 % - Bloody action with sensational graphics, great controls and lots of freedom for experimenting.

- superb graphics
- great soundtrack
- complex but easy controls
- exciting story

- some camera issues
- boring (but short) motorbike passages
- boring multiplayer mode

Also remember that M! Games is a highly critical source, and an 81%(which should be fine for anyone) is a very good score from them.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Gamespot-MadWorld Preview

A portion of a Gamespot preview of the upcoming Wii exclusive MadWorld:

"Our run in the demo took us through three separate districts in the Varrigan City and Asian Town areas. Each district featured a unique boss that was worth a bump in Jack's Death Watch ranking. Most of the boss runs played out the same, with Jack entering a level and murdering everything. The killing spree nets you points that unlock bonus weapons, minigame challenges, and eventually the ability to take on the boss. The slight variation on the formula we played, Redline Way, had Jack riding a motorcycle and dealing with foes on the road."

-Gamespot Preview

Read the rest of the preview here.

MadWorld Preorder-Get 20% Off At Amazon! is having a special for all you MadWorld fans out their, get 20% off your preorder purchase of MadWorld.
It's likely this deal only sticks around during the preorder phases, so it would seem prudent to preorder this game instead of waiting. Also remember that this will include free shipping. MadWorld page

MadWorld Debut Trailer

Platinum Games(aka Clover Studios) and Sega bring us our first look at the Wii exclusive title MadWorld.

MadWorld Debut Trailer:
(Warning, Mature Content Not Suited For Children Ahead)